Gears of War Ultimate Xbox One Bundle w/Extra Game and Extra Controller for $349!


*Update 9/9: Amazon now has the Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition 500GB Bundle for $349.00 with free shipping. They’re throwing in a $50 gift card free of charge for a limited time!*

*9/5 Update: Still available while it lasts!*

We’re Xbox fans so we love that this one is an exclusive! This bundle features everything you want including one of our favorite games (ALOT of gamers feel that way) ever made in it’s continuing sage of fighting for survival against a powerful enemy! Basically, you shoot, hunt down, fight back the creepy hordes in one of the best military/science fiction games in the genre! You’re Delta Squad, and the Locust Horde once to finish up humanity once and for all. You’re their only hope, but those ugly creatures just keep coming…

Seriously, it’s a great game and franchise. Gears of War won Game of the Year awards, sold faster than any game like it had, and was the reason for thousands of gamers to be late for work the next day after taking control of Marcus Fenix (or Dominic) for too many consecutive nights, bleary eyed and with your controller dangling in your hand…

In this bundle, you get the awesome 500GB Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate Edition Bundle which includes the gorgeously remastered original game in 1080p with LOTS of EXTRAS (you can alternatively choose Halo: Master Chief or Madden 16 Consoles), an Extra Xbox One Wireless Controller, and your choice of eleven different games including Evolve, Minecraft, Battlefield Hardline and more.

While it lasts, all of that great gaming joy will cost you just $349.00 shipped!

There’s a lot in this great Xbox One GOW bundle, and also included is this awesome bonus: When Gears of War 4 launches in Spring of next year, you’ll get early access to the Beta of it!