Frederick’s Panties for $3 Each with Free Shipping on $25!

Fredericks PantiesAlright, so this one isn’t exactly the kind of thing we usually post. But the prices are excellent, the panties are, umm, nice and so the deal is a good one. (Why do I still get nervous and find it hard to speak when I see women’s lingerie?)

Anyway, it’s a fantastic deal from a fine purveyor of all things sexy for today, 10/4 (good buddy!) only. Frederick’s is offering a selection of very sassy (we don’t want to use that other word too often – the FCC is watching, always watching…) ladies panties for just $3 each. We recommend you stock up, because shipping is free when you spend $25 or more on these attractive (seriously, they have their eyes everywhere) panties at a very hot (uh oh, maybe we should use a different word…) price!

Hey, FCC, take a look at this!

Frederick’s is offering some of their sexiest, hottest, most lascivious (I’m pretty sure this one sentence is going to bring a hefty fine!) panties on sale for just $3 each! A few of the dozen beautiful panties there for your perusal…

  • Chloe Lace & Mesh Tanga $8.00 $3.00!
  • Jessica Lace Tanga Panty $8.00 $3.00!
  • Natasha Lace & Ribbon Thong $8.00 $3.00!
  • Rachel Lace Tanga $8.00 $3.00!
  • Roxie Lace Up Mesh Thong $8.00 $3.00!
  • Loving Lace Thong $8.00 $3.00!
  • Valerie Lace & Satin Keyhole Bikini $8.00 $3.00!
  • Roxie Lace Up Mesh Bikini $8.00 $3.00!
  • Rachel Lace G String $8.00 $3.00!
  • Microfiber & Lace Boy Short $8.00 $3.00!