Football + Amazon = A Great Sale on 4K TVs!

4K Football Sale*9/13 Update – The NFL Season kicks off in earnest in a couple of hours (Thursday night games don’t count!), so go grab yourself a great HDTV while they have great deals on them!*

Grab one of these beauties and the stunning view will be so clear, so detailed that you’ll be able to decide whether Dez Bryant made that catch, or if the “Immaculate Reception” was really a reception at all! Finally, you alone will end the debate because of the incredible detail you’ll see while watching your new 4K HDTV!

Alright, so no one will EVER end those debates. But you’ll enjoy watching football a little more, right? These are very nice 4K sets, great for watching some football, and they’re all on sale until 9/20. Here are just a few good reasons to check out the football themed 4K HDTV Sale at Amazon.

– Legendary customer service. Either your TV will arrive safely and work properly, or they’ll make it right. Seriously, after hundreds of purchases there, I can’t find a single thing to complain about.

– Every set in this football sale features their “Low Price Guarantee.” If you find it for less elsewhere, let them know and they’ll either match it, or credit you the difference up to 14 days after your purchase. You’re getting the best price, whether you like it or not. See all of the details of this policy at the site.

– Most of these feature Enhanced Delivery at no extra charge. This goes beyond free shipping by a wide margin, as they call you to schedule delivery at a time that’s convenient for you, bring the TV INTO your home, plug it into make sure it works, and take away any boxes or trash left over from the unpacking of your new 4K HDTV! All for free!

There are 14 lovely models to choose from (though any one can sell out or change in price at any time.) Here are a few of our favorites that we think will enhance your pigskin viewing pleasure by a significant amount:

  • LG 60UF8500 60″ 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV$1,697.99
    Released in 2015 and featuring a fantastic IPS display, this set offers a 100 Hz Native Refresh Rate so you don’t get blur when Aaron Rogers scrambles.
  • Sony XBR75X940C 75″ 4K LED Smart HDTV$6998.00
    Go BIG or go home, right? This 2015 model stunner offers a 120Hz Native Resolution Rate, great ability to play 3D, and 75 inches of 4K loveliness.
  • Samsung UN50JU6500 Ultra HD 50″ 4K LED Smart TV$897.99
    We think it’s a bargain price for this new, 2015 model HDTV from Samsung. It does fine with motion thanks to a 120 Clear Motion Rate that enhances the set’s ability to show action properly, in addition to built in Wi-Fi for when you want to stream the NFL Network.