FlashForge Creator Pro 3d Printer $899!

Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer

*10/15 Update – It’s back at the low price you see below for the moment!*

While it lasts, Amazon is offering the FlashForge Creator Pro 3d Printer for just $899.00 with free shipping! A look around found that it goes for as much as $1,200 at other sellers.

  • After more than 600 customer reviews at the site, it receives a fantastic average score of 4.7 out of 5 possible stars.
  • Lifetime support along with a manufacturer’s warranty are included with this purchase.
  • The aluminum plate is made with aircraft grade aluminum.
  • A 10mm guide rod gives you true z axis movement.
  • ABS prints are protected by an enclosed chamber to keep it from getting damaged.

*See my notes below for more of what I learned about 3D printing!*


I’ve been fascinated by the idea of 3D printers for awhile now, but never got a chance to learn much about them. I’ve seen commercials that show users creating everything from lifelike food to model airplanes that one might mistake for the original you would purchase in a hobby shop. Being a neophyte, I did what most folks would do and hopped around the web to try to get a handle and what they do and how they do it. Though some of what I found is the type of “in the weeds” detail I simply am incapable of gleaning, here’s some of what I’ve gathered so far.

Also known as “additive manufacturing” (you can see why they chose 3d printing as their manufacturing name), this process uses layers to created something much different than a standard, one dimensional paper printout.

Applications exist which allow you to create the design you want to created on your printer. If you already have an object you want to recreate a scanner that uses 3D technology is employed. Basically, you can choose to design your own or download an existing one.

3D Printing technology has existed since 1984, a shocking fact when you consider how advanced the technology seems to be. Since then, we’ve seen our world take advantage of 3D printing to create useful ways to improve health, safety and manufacturing.

I had heard that 3D printing offered a great deal of versatility, but some of the things people are doing with them surprised me. I’ve read of phone cases, car parts, and all sorts of other things produced via this technology, but what really stunned me were the real world applications of it.

According to Forbes, and almost unbelievably (at least to me) a newborn with a lung problem was saved by a lung splint created by…3D printing!