Fisher Price Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Lights and Sounds Trike $27

Prices are dropping already at Sure, you probably wont find a 50″ TV for $100 until Black Friday 2016 but the prices on games, toys and houseware items are dropping. We looked around Amazon today and found a few items you might want to purchase today and scratch off your Christmas list. As the prices drop we’ll try to update our web site daily. Here are few items we really like today that may sell out at these prices. If you never used Amazon Prime before, this is the time to sign up for 30 days of free 2-day shipping. This way, you can grab those $5-$15 toys and ship them for free as they pop up on sale!


Grab this link and hang onto it, then check it daily! They aren’t making hundreds of items down at a time, just a few for now.