Estes Proto-Z Micro RTF Ready to Fly R/C Quadcopter $24.95!

Estes QuadcopterWe had plenty of requests for this one during our online chat yesterday, and we couldn’t help but think that it might be a bad idea to start with one of those $800 models. We’re betting you agree. For yourself, or especially a young person who might be overwhelmed by the complicated workings of a more expensive quadcopter, this one looks just right for learning how they work. It’s also the best price we could find for this well reviewed flyer.

BuyDig offers the Estes Proto-Z Micro RTF Ready to Fly R/C Quadcopter for just $24.95. Shipping is free and that’s a great price for any model, and the best we found for this one.

The whole idea, according to the manufacturer, was to make it user friendly. It uses a built-in LiPo battery. You charge it by simply plugging it in via the USB charging cord. In the box they even include four additional propeller blades just in case. A row of four lights makes it easy to see if you’re flying it in the dark. It works quite well indoors and you can practice doing stunts with the “Auto-Flip” feature.