Double Discounts on Irish Spring, Clorox, Pantene, Glad and Thousands More!

I suppose that at some point Amazon realized that they would have to do something different if they were going to compete in the enormous market of health & beauty. I mean, how do you save people money and win over loads of customers by making them buy $35 worth of bath soap or shampoo?

And so they came up with an ingenious idea: Ship the health & beauty items for free when a shopper uses a monthly subscription to order it. Basically, you sign up to get it monthly, they sell it cheap, and Amazon ships it for free.

Even better, they must have thought “let’s give them coupons like you get in the newspaper.” Instead of taking scissors to their new i7 laptop, the customer would just click on something that says “Clip Coupon & Save” to get either a dollar or percentage off the price.”

All jokes aside, what Amazon has come up with is a way to save you money (often enough, quite a bit of it) by combining a pair of great discounts. Basically, they offer coupons and free shipping via their Subscribe & Save Service. Here’s the short version of how it works…

Go straight to the Amazon Coupon Page and find 1,000s of items you can “clip a coupon” on. Choose a category on that page (they now have them on a wide variety of products from Black & Decker tools to Arm & Hammer Baking Soda) and you’ll find all sorts of great products eligible for coupon discounts.

Here’s the best part: Many, many of those items, especially home and health & beauty products are also eligible for their Subscribe & Save program. You’ll sign up for a monthly shipment of that product, and they’ll ship it monthly free of charge.

But you don’t have to keep the service. Once your first shipment has come, you can cancel the service. That means you saved twice on just that one item, and they shipped it to you for free, even if it cost $0.02 after your coupon discount.

Like we said, they offer an enormous variety of products that offer both money saving discounts. But we figured you might like some examples. Here is just a small selection from coupons that also offer Subscribe & Save Discounts as of time of posting:

  • Speed Stick Gear Fresh Force Antiperspirant (2.7 Ounce) sells for $3.88 at Amazon. A “Clip Coupon” of 25% off combined with 5% off using Subscribe & Save drops it to $2.77 shipped.
  • Clorox Glass Wipes 96 Radiant Clean Scent for $9.99. “Clip Coupon” gives you 30% off plus you get 5% off using S&S for a total of $6.64 with free shipping.
  • Axe Deodorant Dark Temptation 3 oz Stick (Pack of 6) for $21.38. You get 20% off via “Clip Coupon” + 5% off via Subscribe & Save. Your final cost is just $16.25 shipped to your door.
  • Double Rolls of Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper 4 Count (Pack of 8, 32 total rolls) sells for $15.80 with a one time purchase. A $2.00 off coupon plus a 5% off Subscribe & Save discount makes your total out of pocket cost just $13.01.
  • Hawaiian Aloha Scented Glad Forceflex Odorshield 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags (68 Count) regularly sell for $15.99. Combine the 30% off coupon you “clip” on the item page, then checkout with Subscribe & Save for an additional 5% discount, and you’ll pay just $10.63 with no extra charge for shipping.