DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone with 2 Extra Batteries for $899!

*Note that eBay has hundreds of deals just like this one every day of the year. For their very best offers, head to their Daily Deals page.*

If you haven’t shopped at eBay this season, you may have missed out. In fact, when my sister in law asked me to find her a deal on a Macbook Air, I found it at eBay. It arrived within three days of the order, and because the seller did not charge sales tax at checkout, it ended up costing her about $200 less than she would have paid had she impulsively walked into the popular “Big Box” electronics store and grabbed it up there. She’s now thrilled, perhaps for the first time ever, that she actually listened to me for a change. He he.

Anyway, the savings are quite serious. Here’s just one example:

For a limited time, seller consumerelectronicscostsavers is offering a great deal on a popular drone at eBay’s site. For $899.00, you get not only the drone, but a pair of extra batteries that regularly sell for about $40 each are throwing in for good measure.

By comparison, similar bundles go for well over $1,100 everywhere else we found them for this highly-rated model that isn’t exactly on sale every day. In fact, the Drone alone sells for at least $999 alone at every other seller we know of.

Take a look at this deal which gives you the DJI Mavic Pro Folding Drone plus two Extra Batteries at a hot price here!


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