Dell Alienware Labor Day Sale!

Alienware Sale!Until 9/8, Dell Home is having a great Alienware Labor Day Sale! Every PC Gamer we know is well informed about these great machines, and for just a couple of days they’re on sale with free shipping.

Whether you’re looking for a 13″ gaming laptop beast, or a desktop replacement for all of your gaming needs in a big, 17″ monster, their Alienware Labor Day Sale has your machine for playing. Here are your choices, everyone of them awesome and capable in it’s own right, with multiple customization options so you can get precisely the specs you want.

Alienware 13 R1 Starting at $849.00:
Take your gaming wherever you go. It’s thin, light, and yet still powerful.

Alienware 15 R1 Starting at $1,399.99:
Gorgeous carbon-fiber body and can be upgraded with a Graphics Amplifier that makes you visuals spectacular.

Alienware 17 R2 Starting at $1,399.99:
A gamers dream with the power of desktop and gorgeous graphics.

Alienware Alpha Starting at $449.00:
The idea is to give you great gaming that’s affordable. Comes with a controller and access to Steam.

Alienware X51 R2 Starting at $699.99:
Fast and with the option to get hefty memory so that you don’t have to worry about lag, NVIDIA graphics make images lovely.

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