Crock-Pot Cook and Carry Programmable Slow Cooker $44.10!

Crock Pot Slow CookerIt’s a number one best seller at the site, the reviews are very good, and we found it for $16 less than it goes for anywhere else we know of. Get the Crock-Pot Cook and Carry Programmable Slow Cooker (Model SCCPVL610-S) for just $44.10 with free shipping at Amazon while it lasts!

– It isn’t just easy to use. These things very slowly cook your food, making it moist and tender. I recently bought a pre-seasoned pork roast from a local store, cooked it slowly all day, and the result was simply amazing. Not only did I just put the ingredients in and turn on, but the result was moist, tender and delicious! I love mine!

– After more than 1,800 reviews (wow!) it carries an excellent score of 4.3 out of 5 possible stars.

– It’s oval shaped, and holds six quarts (which can feed a roast that’s enough for 7 or more people.)

– The digital control is programmable (a feature I wish my older one had) and allows you to cook food for between half an hour and 20 hours!

– Once the cooking time has elapsed, it keeps the food warm at a very low temperature.

The oval stoneware insert can be removed and placed on your table for service.

– The lid locks and has a sealing gasket that keeps food from leaking or falling out.