Craftsman Standard and Metric 107 Piece Tap and Die Set $199.95!

Craftsman Tap and Die Set

Walk into most hardware stores and you’re likely to pay $100 more than this! This great Tap and Die Deal however, beats that hands down. With 1/3 of what most sellers charge for it chopped off the price, it’s another great Craftsman deal from Sears. The catch? It’s valid for today, 8/19 and that’s it.

Get the Craftsman 107 Piece Tap and Die Set from Sears for just $199.95. Shipping is free and it’s an excellent product that will make your work and life easier…

– Carbon Steel and precision ground surfaces that will last a LONG time and remove chips with no problem.

– A satin finish that resists rust.

– Standard and Metric sizes included.

– Includes Case.