Craftsman PP2030 C3 19.2 Volt XCP Lithium High Capacity Battery $69.99!

Craftsman PP2030 Battery PackYes, they’re great tools. But how are we going to power them? Hmmm…

You won’t find this price one of their stores. It’s available only at their website at a $30 drop from it’s regular price. There is no mention there of how long it will last.

Sears is offering the Craftsman PP2030 C3 19.2 volt XCP Lithium High Capacity Battery for just $69.99 with free shipping. It charges faster and works for longer time periods than any previous battery they’ve made, this while still delivering as much four times more powerful energy to your tools.

The PP2030:

– After more than 180 reviewers (remember, these are folks who use tools often) this battery pack receives a perfect 5 out 5 star average!

– You get considerably more torque with this new version, as much as 20% over the regular battery.

– A larger reservoir holds more juice, which means run time is increased by as much as 4 times the previous models, and you get 3 times the cycle life as well.

– Works very well even in very hot or very cold temperatures.

– Lighter than ever, which makes the tools you use it in more easy to maneuver when you put one in.