Coleman 5856A718G 56 Quart Wheeled Cooler for $19.18!

Coleman Cooler*Update 10/15 – We’re not thrilled about it, but it’s up to $28. That’s still the best price anywhere, pretty easily in fact. But we’ll keep you posted.*

*10/14 – Already the price is fluctuating. It’s gone between $20 and $23 multiple time already since we posted it!*

With most folks selling it for $40 or more, it’s truly a hot price. Because it’s a cooler, it’s anything but hot inside. Your cooler will be full of cold drinks that will be wonderfully cold and refreshing, and your wallet will still be wonderfully full. Well, that depends on other things too. Anyway, Amazon has the Coleman 5856A718G 56 Quart Wheeled Cooler in Blue for absurd price of just $19.18 at the moment. It probably won’t last for long…

No one else is close to this price of this very nice cooler! You’ll get it shipped free of charge if you’re a Prime Member (or try a free trial) or if you spend at least $35.

– This cooler uses their ThermOZONE feature that insulates it beautifully, keeping everything icey without harming the ozone.

– The lid is hinged, and a quartet of cup holders on top allow you to refresh yourself on it.

– Wheels are made for any surface, so you can take it with you anywhere.

– It resists leakage and rust.

– You don’t have to tilt it to drain it.

– It will keep as many as 76 cans of your favorite beverages cold for as long as two days!