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Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet – A Review

I would be remiss if I failed to mention that we owned three Kindle Fires previously. I purchased one for myself, my wife and my son about four years ago. Also in the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that we enjoyed owning them very much. That is, until the charging port on […]

FIFA 16 Review

I suppose that my fourteen year old son comes by his love of soccer honestly. Though I didn’t push this passion on him, it was all around us as he was growing up. My television channels include a number of channels that cover the game in club leagues around Europe and South America, along with […]

Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker Review

*Update – I’ve learned that the Flex sends you encouraging e-mails as you reach certain goals. I just received a message that I had earned the “Penguin March Badge” for achieving 70 total miles, the distance traveled by Emperor Penguins to their breeding grounds…” I received my Fitbit as a Christmas gift from the lady […]

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker Review

This was the shot made from my EC155 using an ESE pod. Note the light crema and not quite dark enough color of the coffee. The results are far superior using grounds. My Espresso Experience When I say that I’m a bit jumpy at the moment, I’m not just making the stereotypical joke about having […]

Why I wasn’t sold on “The Gunman”

(Courtesy of Chicago Tribune) I’m an ’80s kid, and I suppose that will always be my point of reference in the way I judge all things entertainment. That mental point of departure was ever present, not before but after I settled in to watch “The Gunman” starring Sean Penn. It hadn’t occurred to me until […]

Assassins’ Creed Rogue – A Review (Part III)

While working with his fellow assassins Shay Cormac is assigned a mission to recover a relic in Lisbon, Portugal. The entire enterprise goes wrong, and the destruction is cataclysmic. Filled with moral outrage, the idealistic assassin attempts to stop his comrades from committing another atrocity. As a friend of mine likes to say “this is […]

Buying My 50LF6000 Part IV (The TV!)

*8/13 Update: Two more things I wanted to mention (but honestly, I was having too much fun toying with my new TV.)* 1.) I was very impressed with the sound coming from the 50LF6000 when I first tested it. No, it’s not as wide as a soundbar and most certainly not what you get with […]

Buying My 50LF6000 Part I (The Decision)

There’s more to buying a product than just the quality of the product itself, isn’t there? The service you receive, the speed and quality of shipping, the helpfulness (or lack thereof) of the company you purchased it from in the event of an issue, all of these contribute to the overall shopping experience. Crucially, those […]

Windows 10 Arrives!

If you’ve spent any time at all on our site, you already know that we love laptops, and we love hot laptop deals even more. Of course, to find those deals it’s important that we know a little something what is on those laptops. What kind of display does it have? Is it HD? Full […]

“Minions” and Losing the Plot

A recent Wall Street Journal (yes, really) review of “Minions” had me thinking, “what exactly do adults not understand about kids’ movies?” Please, allow me to extrapolate… In the review, the author frequently remarked that the film was devoid of content, and somehow lacked in it’s “plot.” Later, I read a number of other reviews […]

TCL 55FS4610R 55″ LED HDTV Review

A few years ago, while looking for deals on everything under the sun, we saw a deal pop up at another site on a TCL HDTV. The following day in our morning meeting (more like a get-together considering the miniscule size of our staff), a member of our group couldn’t help but exclaim “Who the […]

Samsung UN60J6300 60″ Smart LED TV Review

You just can’t make it in the world of HDTV sales if you’re unwilling to change, or unable to improve. And so, each new generation of HDTVs comes with tweaks. The key to making a set that sells (aside from marketing) is improving, or even better, innovating. When we ask that question about a new […]

LG 60LB5900 60″ LED HDTV Review

The surprise comes when you assume that Samsung and Panasonic are the kings of LED TV technology. Off you go to your favorite online retailer, and there are the reviews. And surprise, surprise, another brand is outshining those two, who frankly are even better at marketing than they are at manufacturing excellent HDTVs. While both […]