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70% off Big & Tall Coats & Jackets

Hey, we think the big and tall guys need a little love these days. Amazon has Big & Tall Jackets and Coats on sale on a regular basis at Amazon because of their sizes. The selection of brands is actually quite impressive, and their prices are reduced on a regular basis. Several of them are […]

Kindle Fire Part II

Kindle, Part II (Kindle Fire $199)   The new generation of Amazon Kindle devices has been announced and we couldn’t be more excited! Why? Because we’re lonely hermits who have nothing to do but wait for the release of cool stuff and write silly reviews like this, of course… According to the world’s best place […]

i (Heart) the iPods! (More or less)

So the new iPods are out and you’re probably asking why in the world you should get one. After all, what’s so new about these gadgets that you should put the one you just bought 6 months ago in the drawer and shell out your hard earned cash for the latest, greatest, iPod whatever? Easy. […]