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Black Friday 2016 news!

Our 2017 Black Friday Primer!

The entire holiday period can be rather daunting, and the stress of shopping certainly does plenty to add to that feeling that you just won’t be able to keep up. And so, as we do every year, we’ve put together a few tips to make the entire process a little easier. Though in previous years […]

Amazon Prime Reading Kicks Off!

Consistent with the way Amazon does things, Amazon didn’t just raise their shipping minimum, thereby encouraging (naysayers might say “forcing”) their shoppers to purchase an annual Prime Membership. They gave all of us more for that money. As we suspected, the small riot sized “freakout” we saw when the online retailer upped the price, they’ve […]

Amazon Prime Day July 12th, 2016!

It’s so big they have a sponsor for it! For the record it’s Gatorade, but that is hardly the point. What is infinitely more significant is that they’re promising a whopping 100,000 deals when July 12th rolls around. But what does this mean for shoppers like you? Here are some of our thoughts on what […]

An Interesting 2016 So Far

We keep our eyes on the retail world throughout the year, of course, both because we’re part of that world in our way, and because we’re also shoppers. Looking for news, trends, changes in the way people shop (just think of how many different ways you can use to pay nowadays) and all sorts of […]

That Ugly Online Sales Tax Issue

We’re not lobbyists. And no one on our staff has ever played golf with a Congressman. And so, our opinion is unlikely to change the world of online shopping even a little bit. Having said that, we think it’s important to weigh in on topics like the sales tax debate, and hope that others in […]

Why Free Shipping Day Fell Flat

We’re all for when it comes to promotions, but we can be rather skeptical at times. Unfortunately, that’s the nature of the online shopping “beast.” And as with any profession, experience allows you to see through the bombastic claims of the offending source. More than most, we understand competition as well. There are thousands of […]

How Walmart Won Black Friday

The 2015 Holiday Season was in a winner in many ways. According to the National Retail Federation, the total number of dollars spent in November was up just half a percentage point over those in October, but concluded that this was because prices were lower than ever, and shoppers were getting more for their money […]

Shopping, Redefined

Though the signs were pointing in that direction, what we’re watching is still rather surprising. Some might argue that we’re saying goodbye to a tradition, and that the obvious new course of retail shopping, put on display like a neon sign on the Vegas strip, will leave us devoid of an experience. While chatting with […]

Staples Black Friday Ad for 2015!

Staples 2015 Black Friday Ad Scan If you’re shopping online, you’ll find the deals right here! Because of a very competitive market for computers, we had a feeling they would offer some great PC deals, and they have. But as always, that’s just a start. The Staples Ad offers hundreds of deals on the accessories […]

Kohl’s 2015 Black Friday Ad!

Kohls Black Friday 2015 Black Friday Ad! If you plan to shop online, the sale starts on 11/23 at! It’s one of the more popular ads every year, and for a couple of good reasons. First, they expand their sale items to include products they’re not all that well known for (you don’t think […]

Sears Black Friday Ad!

Loads of offers in the Black Friday Ad from Sears. Everything from Craftsman tools to kitchen goods are on sale from Thursday through Saturday, with our favorite holiday sandwiched in between. Surprisingly, they are also offering some rather exceptional prices on HDTVs. Because the file is enormous, we’re posting this one with a link to […]

JC Penney Black Friday Ad

JC Penney Black FRIDAY Ad There’s nothing objectionable about it, and there are plenty of good deals, but it’s not “the Ad” of the season, to be honest. It’s a popular one for those looking for deals on home goods, fashion and loads of stuff for your kitchen. The Ad is a large one, with […]

Best Buy Releases Black Friday Ad!

Best Buy Black FRIDAY Ad! *11/14 Update: If you’ll be shopping online you’ll find their Black Friday Sale here.* *Update 11/16: They announced this morning that 300 more Black Friday Deals have been added to the online Ad!* Whether you’re thinking of staying there overnight, or just standing in line for a few hours in […]