Buying My 50LF6000 Part IV (The TV!)

The 50LF6000 is a pleasure to watch thanks to a gorgeous picture!

*8/13 Update: Two more things I wanted to mention (but honestly, I was having too much fun toying with my new TV.)*

1.) I was very impressed with the sound coming from the 50LF6000 when I first tested it. No, it’s not as wide as a soundbar and most certainly not what you get with a good receiver and some quality speakers. But it was pretty big for an HDTV, with simulated surround that sounds better than any set I’ve heard yet, and even a fair amount of bass.

2.) The HDTV arrived in the late morning hours. It was a very bright day outside and I watched it without closing the curtains to see how well it handled a well-lit room (something LEDs are supposed to handle better than others.) The improvement over other types of lighting was obvious, though obviously the brightness in the room made a difference. Images were clear, I could discern plenty of color, and most importantly, I could still see Edward while playing AC Black Flag, even has he moved in the darkness.

I have to admit that there was a little trepidation involved with taking my brand new LG 50LF6000 50″ LED HDTV out of the box and going through the process of connecting it to my home theater system. Having seen this model up close and personal (although for a short time) I was excited about the possibilities. But of course, you never know with an HDTV until you plug it in and run it through it’s paces…

I had reserved a couple of HDMI ports on my Yamaha Receiver for the 50LF6000. The first step of course was to plug them in. I connected one 3′ cable (shorter cord = less clutter) to the HDMI 1 input on the back of the set, and the other to HDMI out. And off we went…

I won’t bother you with the entire set up process, Connected to my Yamaha hub now are the receiver, a playstation 3 console which acts as our gaming machine, blu-ray player, and streaming hub, a Verizon FIOS set top box for TV viewing, and a Yamaha 5 disc CD changer (mostly because I own so many CDs that I haven’t had the time to go entirely digital.)

But you’re here to read about the 50LF6000.

The set up was very easy and the FIOS installer had of course, made the TV controllable via their remote. I switched everything over to my Harmony Remote easily (nobody does remotes better, in my opinion) and I had full control, exactly the way I wanted it. The LG and Verizon remotes went directly into a box where all other, now obsolete remotes were stored.

On came the TV.

First, I hopped around some of the channels included in my package. It was nice to see that a number of them were offered in HD, and with the factory settings looked very nice. The 50LF6000 offers some very good presets (rare in this price range, and in the HDTV world in general) and the “Standard” setting looked surprisingly good. Too often, these sets come with too colorful (yes it’s possible) settings that make everything look like a cartoon. On this setting, all of the channels looked real and without too much pop. Frankly, though I will adjust a couple of things later on, this setting could be left alone for most regular TV viewing.

And so in went a Blu-Ray…

Of course, Despicable Me 2 is a favorite in our house. It’s fun, colorful, and beautifully animated. I switched the preset setting to “Cinema” to take a look at what the 50LF6000 could do with a Blu-Ray. In this configuration, I really go to see what this set can do. The backlighting was excellent, with uniform color that didn’t fade when I moved from side to side (a great feature of most LG sets.) But what really caught my eye was the ability of the TV to display the bright, super vivid colors from this animated flick. The reds, blues, and especially yellows (I’m looking at you Minions!) were well represented without a hint of issues. Routed through the Yamaha Receiver, the sound was beautifully rendered (do yourself a favor and get something to use the audio capabilities of your HDTV, you’ll thank me on “movie night.”)

Anyway, the 50LF6000 is a hit. I spent the next couple of days toying with the settings and checking out everything this surprisingly high quality TV could do. And it can do a lot.

Thought the PS3 acts as a temporary streamer, a new Roku 3 will be set up soon. Assuming I’m not watching so much TV that I simply don’t have the time, you’ll hear how that goes.

For user reviews and to compare prices, take a look at the LG 50LF6000 50″ LED HDTV at Amazon. If you find it there or anywhere else for at or less than $500 (though I would not have felt “ripped off” even at $600) I highly recommend it.