Buying My 50LF6000 Part II (The Purchase)

Even having seen the 50LF6000 in action, it had been only for a short time. I hoped I would love it and was just looking for the best possible deal. I wanted my new set no later than the first few days of August, so that I could set it up and start watching almost as soon as we moved in. The lowest outright price I’d seen up to that point (it was around the 15th of July when I steeled myself to get it) was $549.00 including shipping.

Lo and behold, the good folks at Dell heard my plaintive wail for a deal and sent one straight to our company Inbox. They were offering the 50LF6000 for that same low price, but were throwing in $150 in the form of a promotional gift card free with purchase. Since I was looking purchase a TV without functionality, my plan for the “free money” they would give me was to pick up a brand new Roku 3. Of course, I would have change left over. A mouse for our desktop? Maybe a 4 port hub for my laptop? There were plenty of possibilities. Anyway, it was a great deal. I was sold.

Dell makes it easy to get deals like these. I simply added the TV to my cart at the site, and when the contents of the cart were displayed, it showed the TV along with the $150 Dell promotional Gift Card. I checked out as always. I was charged just over $20 in sales tax, but since we hadn’t seen any seller that didn’t charge tax offering anything close to the value of this deal on the 50LF6000, I didn’t mind that too much.

The estimated delivery date was a bit of a surprise. For sets this size, Dell uses a delivery company (in this case Pilot) and though the service is free, it must be scheduled by the purchaser. I placed my order on July 24th, and the earliest delivery date available was August 2nd between the hours of 11 AM and 3 PM. For some, that may not seem like long to wait, but I was just a tad disappointed at having to forestall my viewing pleasure for 9 full days. And then I resigned myself that there were more important things to do in the first three days of occupancy in my new residence than setting up my home theater system. At least, there were more important things according to my wife.

Having made my purchase and scheduled the delivery date, there was nothing left to do now but wait. But while waiting, I kept on eye on other sellers just in case. It’s a fairly common occurrence on the web to see a lower price in the days immediately following a purchase. In this case, I saw no better deal than the one I had taken advantage of.

I had read reviews on the LG 50LF6000 at a number of sites, including a few home theater magazines. They were good all around, and many loved the quality of the picture and thought it exceptional for it’s price range. The few complaints I read were regarding the lack of smart functionality on this set and the fact that it offered only two HDMI ports. Neither was a deal breaker for me, and reading the thoughts of others, including some experts, only made me feel more confident in my choice.