Buying My 50LF6000 Part I (The Decision)

There’s more to buying a product than just the quality of the product itself, isn’t there? The service you receive, the speed and quality of shipping, the helpfulness (or lack thereof) of the company you purchased it from in the event of an issue, all of these contribute to the overall shopping experience. Crucially, those and other important factors also make for a complete picture that suggest whether you should purchase from that seller again.

And so, in the interest of complete transparency, and to give you an idea of what my personal experience was like with a specific seller, I’ll be penning my thoughts on the purchases I make online periodically, right here in this section of our site.

Which brings us, happily, to my recent purchase of a new HDTV…

Having recently moved into a new house, I had struggled with the possibility of leaving my older model Samsung LCD TV behind. It needed a minor repair, weighed more than I wanted to lift onto a moving truck, and had seen it’s best days. After some serious hand-wringing, I gave it away.

But if you know me, you also know that I wasn’t going to find myself short an HDTV when I got to my new hacienda. Not this guy. Buy which one? The possibilities were endless, even moreso for me than for most because of what we do here on Black Friday Central, which includes finding the best deals on a huge range of HDTVs.

Luckily, searching the web for HDTV deals has it’s advantages. I had seen hundreds of different sets online, and a number of them in person in stores, at the homes of friends and family, and even one beauty in my doctor’s office (a gorgeous Pioneer Kuro that still looked amazing!)

In between the sale of our home and moving into the new place, we spent almost a month in a hotel. During that time, the only TV I watched was the 32″ set from LG in that room. The quality of that LED TV ended up being the deciding factor in my decision. This may sound strange, but the quality of the picture and sound of that “little” HDTV ended up being the reason I purchased my first set from LG.

The model I chose was the LG 50LF6000 50″ LED TV. I had laid eyes on it at a neighbor’s house just before we moved and had instantly loved it. When I asked my neighbor how he had tweaked the settings to get it to look so good, his answer was “it came that way right out of the box.” That, plus the very good experience I’d had with the smaller hotel TV from LG, sealed the deal.

But where to buy my new TV?

(To be continued…)