Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System for $299 Today!

Bose Solo 15 Speaker*Update 11/16/17 – It says something about Bose products (hint: they don’t go on sale often) that it’s finally back down to the price below! For how long? Who knows?*

It’s good enough that we think they’re justified in not calling at a “soundbar” and not just because it typically sits under an HDTV instead of over or next to it. You actually get great sound from this model, thanks to the ingenuity and built in quality you get from their designs. They’ve been at the forefront of spreading surround out to give you the impression you’re being enveloped in audio.

Typically, the Bose Solo 15 Series II TV Sound System for about $400. Because of it’s quality, but of course, also it’s name in the industry, it doesn’t go on sale often. But today, 11/23 you can get it for just $299.00 with free shipping from Amazon. Though it’s a one day deal, it could sell out entirely before the end of the day.

Though the Solo 15 offers multiple connection options, a single digital optical audio cable will give you high definition sound. The universal remote that comes with it can be used to control your other devices, and eliminate the need for multiple remotes.

Ideally, you sound system should be place under a TV between 46″ and 50″ in size, but you can always place it on a nearby shelf without worrying about the size of the TV.

Most importantly, the Solo 15 gives you great sound. It’s made to “catch” those sounds that your TV simply isn’t made to replicate on it’s own, and therefore are missed. You can adjust the bass, and speakers and both sides of the cabinet make the sound full. One of the problems it solves is the need to constantly adjust the volume because the effects and music overpower the dialogue. A speaker in the center does this very well.