Bosch Measuring Tools with Extra $15 off $100 Discount!

Bosch Laser LevelEnding 10/1, Amazon has a $15 off $100 discount available on a nice selection of Bosch Measuring Tools! Simply add one or multiple items from the promotion to your cart that total $100 or more, and you’ll see additional $15 discount appear in your cart during checkout. Because they’re prices on these excellent quality, highly-rated (read the reviews!) measuring tools from Bosch are already among the lowest we see anywhere, it’s an excellent deal on some very useful devices…

Here are just a few of dozens of choices from the sale. We haven’t taken into account the discount yet, so you’ll pay less than this when you get your total over $100, of course…

  • Bosch BT160 Alum Quick Clamp Tripod $47.18
  • Bosch GOL26 26X Automatic Optical Level $199.99
  • Bosch GLR825 Laser Distance Measurer $348.09
  • Bosch GLL 1P Combination Point and Line Laser Level $45.14
  • Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measure, 120-Feet $79.00
  • Bosch BM1 Positioning Device for Line and Point Lasers $45.48
  • Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measurer with 165-Feet Range and Backlit Display $94.79
  • Bosch BM3 Positioning Device Accessory for Line and Point Lasers $22.95
  • Bosch DAF220K Miter finder Digital Angle Finder with Leg Extension and CaseĀ  $154.99