BLU R1 HD 8 GB Dual Sim Unlocked Smartphone $99.99 with Free $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Blu R1 Phone

*10/15 – This promotion is no longer valid. Of course, we’re confident that many more are on the way.*

*Update 7/25: We’re happy to see that both of these deals are still available today!*

First off, you need to be an Amazon Prime Member to receive this great offer. However, a free 30 trial of their Prime Service (get yours here) is sufficient to get this excellent deal. The new BLU R1 HD 8 GB Dual Sim Unlocked Smartphone is offered for just $99.99 with free shipping, and you’ll also receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card automatically with your purchase. There is no end date listed so it could expire at any time. Even better, the 16GB version is available for $109.99 and the gift card is also included.

8GB version here
16GB version here

  • The Blu R1 is receiving excellent reviews at Amazon and elsewhere. This version comes at a large discount thanks to Amazon’s “Offers & Ads” which most find unobtrusive.
  • It’s GSM Unlocked and offers 4G LTE speed, which means it’s unlocked to be used with GSM networks like AT&T and T-Mobile.
  • The processor scoots along at 1.3GHz thanks to a quad-core processor from Mediatek. The 8GB versions offers 1GB of RAM while the 16GB version gives you 2GB.
  • Runs on Android Marshmallow 6.0 which also includes Gmail and more from Google.
  • Micro SD is the storage standard and holds up to 64GB. Dual SIM versatility is always nice to have.
  • The 5″ display is in lovely HD, and is protected by the 3rd version of very durable Gorilla Glass.