Black & Decker LSW20 Lithium 20V Cordless Leaf Blower for $59.99!

LSW20 Leaf Blower

Having recently moved into a new home, I found out just how valuable a good leaf blower is. The entire structure is surrounded with large trees, including some exceptionally leafy oaks. When we moved into the new house in August, I looked around and positively loved all the shade. And then September came, and there were thousands of leaves suddenly falling in the yard…

It took three people working for two hours to get them all up the first time we did it. All by hand with rakes and gloves, and we were all tired, sweaty, and just a tad achy when it was all over.

Since then, I snagged a good cordless leaf blower (a different model than this one, but also a Black & Decker) and the work time, and more importantly the effort, has been cut by a huge amount. It’s an exceptionally valuable tool for a property like ours. That’s why we very much like this deal from Sears.

For a limited time, Sears has the Black & Decker LSW20 Lithium 20V Cordless Leaf Blower on sale for $59.99. With free shipping, that’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this powerful model. It’s going for $70 at one place we found it, but most others are right around $90.

The LSW20 offers plenty of power without that annoying cord. At just 3.7 pounds it’s easy to maneuver. A scraper is built in for loosen wet stuff before you sweep, and it sweeps debris quite well, thanks to a maximum air speed of 120 MPH. This blower is also quiet enough even for use in the early morning or evening hours. Of course, a reliable 2 year warranty from the manufacturer is included.