Bestek DSLR Camera Backpack for $17.99!

Bestek Backpack

We would tell you that it’s impossible to find a good bag for your costly DSLR camera at this price, but this is the internet, where anything is possible. While the coupon lasts (no expiration date is listed) Amazon direct from Bestek is offering the Bestek Canvas DSLR Camera Backpack for just $17.99. To get it, just enter promo code PIDQH74P after you add the backpack to your cart. It receives good reviews, and bags like it typically go for $50 and way up! This item ships free with a Prime Membership or orders over $35.

This Bestek DSLR Backpack is made of 100% cotton canvas that’s strong, durable and waterproof.

The straps are padded for carrying comfort.

All of the fasteners are made of metal and long lasting cowhide.

Two compartments inside along with a zippered pocket allow for plenty of room for cameras and accessories.

On the outside you’ll find a zippered front bag at the bottom, and a pair of zippered pockets on each side.

On the outside of the backpack, you’ll find a zippered bottom compartment, along with a a zippered pocket on the back, and one on each side!