Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! from the Lego Movie now $75.99!

Lego Spaceship

*9/27 Price Drop Update: Benny’s way cool space ride is now just $75.99 via the link below!*

Update: $80.99 at Amazon w/ free super saver shipping!

Let’s face it, we knew that if Lego built a spaceship for the movie it was going to be, well, “awesome” right? Of course it was. It’s Lego after all, and they’ve mastered the art of making great toys that you can build, and gotten even better at making them precise replicas of the “original.” This one is no exception. If Emmett wasn’t so very positively, incredibly, faithfully awesome in his optimistic outlook on everything, I would have to say that Benny was my favorite character from the fun and oh so positive Lego Movie.

Picture this: The Lego Police are chasing you in their Robo interceptor. You have to get away but you’ll need something fast. Hey, let’s build a spaceship! You’ll get to put together the very functional machine that has spring-loaded “weapons”(they fire studs, of course) blasters and cannons. Use your satellite dish to fire off some spacebots. Take the wing flyers off to make life very difficult for those pursuing you.

The roof of the Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! has an exhaust you can push to stretch the wings out, a roof that opens and gives you access to the tools and machines inside, a cockpit that opens (how else would Benny get in to pilot it?), along with loads of tools.

The Robo Interceptor is included to complete that chase from the LEGO Movie and your imagination, and the cockpit opens to allow the pilot to hop in and chase you around space. But Benny is a fine pilot (though frankly a bit odd) and has all the tools to make his escape.

Also included with this kit are “people” you know, including Robo Emmett, Astro Kitty (a personal favorite), Robo Pilot, and of course, slightly mad Benny. You know from the moment they hop in that this crazy character is just nutty to pull off an escape.

Of course, Emmett himself is included, because he’s the one who needs to escape. They’ll all manage thanks to Benny and his dream vehicle, the Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!

While it lasts, get the dream machine that Benny has always wanted at Walmart for just $80.99 with free shipping. While others are still selling it for about $99, we like to save on everything, including this awesome, very popular toy from one of our favorite movies. “Awesome” isn’t it?