Bell Automotive 22-1-65112-8 Emergency Roadside Kit $35.99!

Frankly, this is where our friends at eBay really shine. Because it’s not an ultracompetitive market, kits like these from well known brands don’t often feature sizable markdowns. But sellers there will find a way, thanks to a huge selling platform that increases competition and drops those prices!

For a limited time, Pep Boys via eBay offers the Bell Automotive 22-1-65112-8 Emergency Roadside Kit for just $35.99 with free shipping. That’s the lowest we’ve seen it and considerably less than we see for comparable sets from lesser known competitors. Add in the excellent customer reviews and it’s definitely worth a look!

Whatever your emergency on the road, the 22-1-65112-8 will probably have what you need. Among other things, the kit includes:

  • Glow sticks so others can see YOU.
  • Gloves so you can keep your hands safe.
  • An 8″ booster cable to help start you up.
  • You even get a HELP sign for when you need more assistance!
  • A first aid kit with 63 pieces in case you’re injured.
  • A 12 ounce tube of tire sealant in case your tire goes flat.
  • A 2 in one screwdriver, pliers and more so you can make quick repairs.
  • A bright flashlight to see what you’re doing in the dark with batteries included.
  • It all comes in a durable bag with a warning triangle so you can use it to warn others you’re stopped.


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