Asus Q551LN-BBI7T09 15.6″ Flip Laptop with Touch, Broadwell i7, 8GB NVIDIA 940M, for $899.99!

Asus 2 in 1 Laptop*11/21 Update – They’ve upped this one to $998. Hopefully we’ll see a deal on it this week.*

Oh, what a lovely laptop this one is! You’ll probably see great reviews all over the place for it, but you’re very likely to see a higher price than we found (unless you looked in the same place we did, of course.) Anyway, Best Buy is offering the Asus Q551LN-BBI7T09 15.6″ Flip Laptop for just $899.99 with free shipping! It’s listed as a weekly deal that starts today, but we’re guessing that the possibility of it selling out is very real. It’s the lowest price we’ve seen yet for this enviable laptop…

The Q551LN-BBI7T09 is loaded from the display to the functionality. The Flip design is always fun but also useful, and you can change your view and how use it by simply flipping the lid. For reference, most places are selling the Windows 8 version for more than $970! Some specs…

–  A beautiful IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution on it’s LED display is made even more bright and beautiful thanks to 2GB of dedicated, GeForce 940M graphics from NVIDIA.

– They use Natural finger touch navigation which makes you experience using this functionality better than most other laptops.

– Speed isn’t an issue thanks to a Broadwell version Dual-Core i7-5500U Ultra Low Voltage mobile processor from Intel.

– For smooth multitasking, it comes with 8GB of DDR3L RAM, and is expandable up to 12GB if you want even more.

– For storage space, you’ll have 1TB (minus the OS) of room for videos, pics, music and files on the Hard Disk Drive.

– They’re also giving you a full year of Titanium Internet Security for up to 3 devices.

– We’ve said this before, but we really like the Windows 10 operating system, and it’s pre-installed on the Q551LN-BBI7T09.