Assassins Creed Rogue – A Review (Part I)

Assassins Creed RogueNo, it’s not exactly a “new” game. It was released just over one year ago, in fact. However, I’m always way behind on my games anyway. There are actually two reasons for this, and one of them is that like many folks, I don’t have as much free time for playing games as I would like, which sometimes causes a bit of a backlog. The second reason is even more important when you consider what we do here: I know that if I wait a bit, the price will drop. We’ve posted the deals on it, so I won’t bother you with that again.

Because It’s release came just prior to Black Friday of last year, there were a few decent offers on it. But suffice to say that because I waited, I paid less than $15 for it by forestalling my purchase of the game until a few days ago. No, that’s not a typo. I rarely pay more than $20 for any game. I’m patient, and that always pays off in one way or another, usually in a lower price on most of what I buy.

Today’s games have access to big budgets. This allows for the development of plots, use of the best voice talent, and fantastic visuals. Ubisoft is among the best of the developers at making good use of that budget, and has achieved many a spectacular moment throughout the Assassin’s Creed series.

I’ve enjoyed each game in the series, some more than others of course. If I was forced to choose one I could call my favorite, it would almost certainly involve one of the “Ezio games.” The second game of the AC universe introduced us to a Renaissance Era hero who was a true “good guy”, the embodiment of the “white hat” warrior hero, a nice guy with his heart in the right place and a penchant for standing up to injustice. As he accomplishes his goals, he is at once vengeful, yet respectful of human life. The environments in the game are breathtaking, the story enthralling. This particular hero is a nobleman, both in blood in and through his actions. In short, AC II is an eye-opening game that vaulted Ubisoft’s beloved property into the gaming stratosphere. It is also a phenomenal game in many ways, and the kind of game that offers huge replay value, keeping you interested for long, joyous periods of time. Subsequent games in the series thus had a lot to live up to.

In the interest of transparency, I’ll tell you that I own every Assassin’s Creed game that has been playable on the Playstation 3 Console. Sadly, that means that until I pick up an Xbox One, or more likely a Playstation 4, this is the last game in the series that I’ll be able to play. This of course means that I’ll be purchasing one of those versatile gaming systems shortly after I’m entirely done playing “Rogue.”

Because it’s something readers might like to know, I’ll give you an idea of my setup when I popped in Assassin’s Creed Rogue and started to poke around the game. As I mentioned, I’m playing the game on the Playstation 3. The TV is an LG 50LF6000 5o” LED set with 1080p resolution. A Yahama RX-V377 Receiver runs the system and the TV and PS3 are connected via HDMI. I listen to everything through my 5.1 surround sound system that includes Energy and Polk speakers.