Amazon’s Wondrous 2017 Holiday Toy List is Here!

It’s a sign of things to come. When Amazon releases their annual Holiday Toy List, it means that the joyous time when children awake to find bright and shiny things waiting just for them is near. Well, the 2017 version of this exciting list, from perhaps the true “world’s greatest toy store”, is here.

It’s such a big deal when the kids open their presents that we take pictures of it, feeling pride in ourselves for having gotten them something they love. Then we post them on Facebook and Instagram, so that all of our friends know we nailed it.

Amazon makes it rather easy to do all of that. With enormous variety, and a price range that fits a vast range of budgets, you’re very likely to find the perfect gift that will have their eyes lighting up like tree bulbs on the big day.

Whatever you celebrate, if it’s toys you’re looking for, you’re very likely to find it at Amazon. And the List, with everything from dolls to drones featured, is a great place to start. Take a look at the 2017 Amazon Holiday Toy List here.

As always, you’ll find toys categorized in ways that make them easy to find. You can shop by age, look only at the most popular toys, shop for the latest learning toys, or go for the direct line by choosing the section chosen directly by the experts…the kids themselves!

Here’s a sampling of some of our favorite picks from the 2017 List. Prices can and will change. We expect some excellent deals on many of them when we reach the beginning of November.

“Kid’s Picks”

The children weighed in and told Amazon they loved all 100 of the toys in this section!

  • Zoomer Interactive Show Pony for $69.99 (So “real” she actually “eats”. Give her a sugar cube and watch her get excited!)
  • Automoblox 2-Pack Cars (Mini SC1 Chaos and HR5 Scorch) for $23.99 (This one actually includes components with which you build your own vehicles. For ages 4+.)
  • Fisher Price 2017 Think & Learn Smart Cycle $150.00. (Keep them not only entertained, but physically and mentally fit as well. Exclusive to Amazon, it lets the kids play while pedaling. The more they move, the more they get to play. Oh, and they LEARN the entire time.)
  • Paw Patrol – My Size Lookout Tower with Exclusive Vehicle, Rotating Periscope and Lights and Sounds for $94.00. (From the hugely popular Nickolodeon show, it’s more than 2.5 feet tall and features a “working” periscope to see what’s going on at the bottom.)

“Get Active”

Keep them moving! Playing in motion is a great way to keep them healthy.

  • Modulus Tri-Strike from Nerf for $39.49. (You can fire three different ways by adding or removing components. That means 3 different kinds of ammo to peg your opponent with.)
  • Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Wonder Woman Ride On $309.99. (A radio with Wonder Woman herself talking to you on it and the ability to drive on hard or grassy terrain makes the battery operated vehicle the ultimate for the young WW fan.)
  • Little Tikes 4 in 1 Perfect Fit Trike $79.98 – $99.99 depending on color choice. (The seat is adjustable via a single switch, and starts your little one out with you pushing him or her, with stage 4 finding your kid (gasp!) riding alone.
  • Franklin Electronic MLB Pitching Machine for $28.49. (Uses their “Aero-Strike” baseballs made of plastic for safety. A light flashes to tell you a pitch is on the way. The height adjust as a kid grows to become the next big star!

“Tech Toys”

They’re growing up in a world of ever evolving technology. Why not get them started early?

  • Chippies Robot Toy Dog from WowWee for $39.99. (A heart shaped collar and a loving attitude – Chippette even gives you kisses – allow you to truly become friends with your highly interactive puppy.)
  • Fast & Furious Edition Anki Overdrive Supercar for $169.00. (These have been super popular already, and this one adds a movie tie-in for even more fun. Your compatible IOS or Android mobile device controls your vehicle as you fight and race the Torretto Crew on a track made of magnetic pieces you configure.)
  • M.A.X. Interactive Robot from Meccano for $149.99. (Building your own robot has never been easier. It comes with everything you need to put together a 12″ robot with advanced AI that knows when obstacles are in his way and avoid them with smart wheels!
  • Sphero R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid for $165.00. (He IS the Droid you’re looking for. R-2 moves like the movie version and even produces holograph simulation! This awesome little guy even interacts with other droids in the line, namely BB-8 and his dark counterpart.)

“Top 100”

If you’re wondering what others are looking for this season, Amazon can help you answer that question. They’ve listed the Top 100 selling toys in this section. Here are a few of our favorite, most popular gift ideas…

  • LEGO Batman Movie 70916 Batwing for $71.99. (A double cockpit, wings that adjust to “landing” or “flying”, a compartment for the Batmobile and plenty of accessories make it just like the one from the movie.)
  • Paper Bag Puppets from Alex for $10.30. (This set of 5 colored bag puppets is a great example of a fun, inexpensive gift idea. They even come in separate bags so you can save them and be the puppeteer over and over again.)
  • Moan Girls Adventure Outfit from Disney for $14.91. (Again, you don’t always have to spend a ton to make a kid happy. This authentic ensemble includes a fringed skirt and matching top for hours of pretend play.)
  • Barbie 2017 Dream Camper for $94.00. (Drive the camper or park it and open it into a cool yet glamorous playset. Rolling wheels, a pool complete with water slide and even a full bathroom make it practical, too. Sort of.


What do you get for the very little ones? Well, they tend to like stuff they can get their hands on. Like this…

  • Santa’s Winter Holiday from LEGO DUPLO Town for $23.99. (It combines the fun of putting things together with lots of color and a Christmas theme. You get a tree, the sled, even Santa himself, along with plenty of toys to bring to kids just like yours.
  • LeapFrog Scribble and Write Pad for $21.99. (It focuses on writing. Simply use the stylus to trace the lights, all the while learning the proper stroke. It even gives you feedback to let you know how well you’re writing.
  • Walk-A-Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy from Hape $21.97. (It reminds me of one I had as a kid. And that’s the point. It’s an “old school” pull along doggy who follows you everywhere as you pull him along. Gently, please.)
  • Jumbo Roadway Activity Rug by Melissa & Doug for $54.99. (It’s almost 6.5 feet wide by 4.8 feet tall. 4 Traffic signs are included, and the possibilities are endless when you add your own cars, houses, and whatever your imagination can create.)