Amazon Prime Reading Kicks Off!


Consistent with the way Amazon does things, Amazon didn’t just raise their shipping minimum, thereby encouraging (naysayers might say “forcing”) their shoppers to purchase an annual Prime Membership. They gave all of us more for that money. As we suspected, the small riot sized “freakout” we saw when the online retailer upped the price, they’ve increased the value of that membership. Additionally, the panicked state we saw from some folks when they started charging for more Prime Movies than they has previously was met by enormous specticism. But frankly, a membership to their Prime service actually offers more value than ever.

And so now they give us Prime Reading included with our yearly dues. Yes true to their roots the world’s most popular place to buy practically everything, which if you remember began it’s existence by selling books, is giving us more than ever to…read!

What is “Prime Reading?” Basically, this new feature will allow it’s members in the U.S. to choose from what we’re hearing will be a very large selection of reading material including popular books, comic books, and all sots of other writings that will change periodically, adding new things to read on your subsequent visits.

Yes, any digital reading material can be read on one of Amazon’s now rather vast assortment of “Kindle” tablets. But one of our favorite features of their Kindle App is that it can be downloaded onto your Android or Apple IOS device if you don’t feel the need to purchase one of their many reader/tablet models.

Get all of the details of the new Amazon Prime Reading benefit right here and sign up for a free trial of Prime at the site if you, like me, love to read. The annual fee is $99 as of the date of this post, and we would be very surprised if it increased any time soon. Yes, it’s now even more of a bargain.