Amazon Prime Day July 12th, 2016!

Amazon Prime Day Sale 2016

It’s so big they have a sponsor for it! For the record it’s Gatorade, but that is hardly the point. What is infinitely more significant is that they’re promising a whopping 100,000 deals when July 12th rolls around. But what does this mean for shoppers like you? Here are some of our thoughts on what kind of deals you’ll see and why we recommend that you check it out.

First of all, their first Prime Day Sale in July of last year (a celebration of their 20th year in business) was more than a few deals on popular items. It was a day in which they featured discounts in practically every category of merchandise they offer. It was so popular that customers ordered items at a pace faster than that year’s Black Friday. We ran an updated list of some of our favorite offers here on the site, and had trouble keeping up with the sheer number of things we thought you might like.

Those who already have a Prime Membership will be able to shop beginning at midnight (Pacific Time). But what if you don’t have already have a membership? Easy enough. Just sign up for a free trial of the service (typically 30 days worth) and you’re eligible to get every single deal in the sale. If you don’t want to sign up for an annual membership, you can cancel the trial at any point before it expires, and be charged nothing.

Of course, a significantly useful benefit of a membership, whether trial or annual, is the savings you’ll get with free shipping. There is no shipping fee on Prime eligible items, and at the moment, that means more than 20,000,000 items incur absolutely no shipping charge. Though their minimum threshold for free shipping is typically $49, that is waived for the enormous number of items which are listed as “Prime Eligible.” That means that $4 lightning cable, or $1.50 four pack of bath soap, or $8 toy we’re expecting to see many of, will all ship for no extra charge on July 12th.

In our deals section here, beginning as soon as the sale begins, we’ll keep you posted as the deals change. The best will likely come and go as quickly as you might expect, so we’ll be here all day watching as they appear and disappear. Typically, the very best of them like 32″ HDTVs for $99, Xbox Consoles for $200, and other hot deals we’ve seen in the past will be those that are posted, then show “unavailable” in the blink of an eye.

That’s why we’re here. We’ll watch the sale closely for 24 hours, and throw some of the best offers up before they’re gone. And knowing Amazon as we do after 11 years of bringing you their very best, we can confidently state that there will be many ways to save you money. We recommend you snag a free trial of the Prime service the day before the sale, then keep an eye on our sale post throughout the day. July 12th, 2016 is the big day at Amazon.

Happy shopping!