Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition now Available for $139.99!

We were waiting on this one, and we’re happy to see that it finally releases today. This little box looks like a great deal of fun, and we’re happy that you (and we!) can get our hands on it and try the thing out.

Up to this point, there wasn’t much fun for gamers to have with a streaming device. Proper control was an issue, the variety (or lack thereof) in the available games was problem, and the ability of the device to stream those games smoothly was often a downer.

So what does the new Gaming Edition of the Fire TV do about it? First of all, it’s a streamer. As in, it’s very good at bringing you movies, TV shows, and all sorts of entertainment options even before you consider all of the new gaming features installed in this model. You’ll be able to watch many, many different channels, including everything from PBS Kids to the NBA channel. So remember, you’re getting a fully featured streaming machine AND all of the new things you can do as a gamer.

But yes, we were looking forward to the release because it’s a good little gamer. Features have been added to the Fire TV design that are purpose built and designed to make gaming more fun.

Forget trying to play games with your television’s remote control. Amazon has designed a great new controller in the style of the big consoles, with an ergonomic design, triggers, and buttons in similar places to those you have on your “other” controllers. After all, you’ve probably heard of the “D-pad” and “triggers” right?

Thanks to the built in Alexa voice search that works on a cloud, you’ll have access to tons of stuff, which now includes tons of games.

The new quad-core processor in the gaming edition is super important, of course. You want speed for a lag-free experience, and this Fire TV has it in the form of a quad-core processor with considerably more power than previous models of the Fire TV. You’ll now be connected via 802.11 ac wireless, with a faster connection for better gaming.

A graphics engine of it’s own will bring you great visuals as you play, and Dolby audio is built in to produce great surround sound because audio is super important to gamers. You’ll pop into HDMI and get as much as 7.1 of Dolby audio from it.

They of course are offering more gaming content than any other streaming device, including Roku and Apple TV, because that’s what Amazon does best. You can immediately get access to more than 800 games from sports to action titles, but that can be expanded if you subscribe to Gamefly, which will expand your choices exponentially.

With 8GB available on the Fire TV Gaming Edition, you’ll have room for games, and a microSD slot gives you space for another 32GB, meaning you’ll have plenty of space for all sorts of great titles, including Shovel Knight and Disney DuckTales, which are included free of charge with your purchase.

The game makers who are providing available content aren’t just the smaller type of manufacturers and developers you see in most services for streamers. Big names like Ubisoft, Capcom, EA Disney and more will be featured rather prominently in games available for this little gaming wonder.

With more games like Minecraft, Lego Star Wars and more that kids will love, you won’t have to worry because the Gaming Edition offers plenty of parental suppot. You can set up different profiles for them with access to different games they play, chosen by you and safe for viewing based on their age and your common sense.

All in all, with games starting at less than $1, we think it’s a good one, with loads of fun, plenty of playability, and a price that offers a serious amount of value because of the huge access you’ll get with this cool new streaming device/gaming device.

The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition is now available and shipping at Amazon for $139.99 with free shipping. Have fun!