Amazon, eBay and More Gift Card Deals!


In our family, it’s the twenty-somethings. They certainly don’t want toys, unless they’re made by Apple and come with hefty price tags, and they don’t own their own homes yet, so a new rake is probably not going to give them much of a thrill. In all seriousness, it can be difficult to buy gifts for some folks. That’s why Gift Cards are so useful. You give money to spend, and if you choose the right one, you’ll also allow them to have some fun shopping at a place you know they enjoy spending money at.

And then there is the issue of time. I remember one Holiday Season (before the explosion of online shopping) which I spent working for the entire month of December, finally getting half a day off on New Year’s Eve. I had no time to shop, and the only folks who sold gift cards sold them for use at their own store.

Anyway, it’s never been easier to purchase a gift card online. But did you know that we even find those at discounts? Or with some sort of “Free” item over and above the value of the card? Yup. So now more than ever, a Gift Card is a great idea.

And though you still have plenty of time to have an actual gift sent to someone you love, if it’s free “spending money” you want to give as a gift or to stuck a stocking, here’s where you can save some money even on that.

*Like all deals on the web, these are available for a limited time and could change or expire at any time.*


  • For Prime Members, the purchase of a $150 Amazon Gift Card here will come with a FREE Limited Edition Holiday Teddy Bear from Gund. He’s adorable and very popular, and makes you gift much more “personal.”
  • If this is your first Gift Card purchase at Amazon, apply Promo Code 1116GCARDS in your cart during checkout to receive a $10 credit for yourself when you purchase $50 or more in GCs here.
  • Reload an Amazon Gift Card with $100 or more and they’ll give you a $5 reward to it. Basically, it’s a free $5. This one is also for those reloading a card for the first time.

(Scroll through when you get to their Gift Card Deal Page. It’s worth it!)

  • Airbnb $200 Gift Card for just $170.00. Sent by e-mail.
  • $50 Outback Steakhouse Gift Card for $40.00 sent via e-mail.
  • Toys R US $100 Gift Card for $92.00. Physical Card with free shipping.
  • $50 Gift Card for just $40.00. Physical Card with free shipping.
  • Yankee Candle $25 Gift Card for just $22.50. Physical Card with free shipping.