Alienware ASM100-4980BLK Steam Machine Desktop Gaming Console $549.99!

Alienware ASM100-4980BLK ConsoleDeals excite us, of course, and it’s nice to discover the first price drop yet on this new model of the “Steam Machine.” With no expiration date disclosed anywhere, Amazon is offering the Alienware ASM100-4980BLK Steam Machine Desktop Gaming Console for $549.99 with free shipping included. That’s $50 better than any previous best we know of.

Like all of these gaming specific machines, the ASM100-6980BLK is meant for playing games. The idea is to give you what is essentially a console, and the tie-in with Steam means access to thousands of games via that popular online platform. It uses the Steam OS if you need further proof that it’s construction is very “gaming-centric.”

A new user interface from Alienware gives you the freedom of navigation without a mouse or keyboard. From here you can get access to your store media, make adjustements to the system, or load the Steam Big Picture interface to get started on picking what games you want to play. From there you easily download what you want to this device and start playing.

Have a 1080p display? This model allows you to stream to it (monitor or TV) and enjoy your games in full HD 1080p resolution. With new NVIDIA Maxwell architecture GTC GEFORCE graphics and 2GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory not used by the console, you’ll fluidly stream beautiful images to your screen. As always with these, no monitor is included here.

The fast Intel i5-4590T quad-core processor offers tons of processing power and speed up to 3.0GHz so you can operate smoothly without ugly hitches. 8GB of DDR3L dual channel memory makes for plenty of power to multi-task without hitches. Easily store many games on the 1TB hard disk drive running at 7200 RPM.

*Note – The i7 version (model ASM100-6980BLK) is also available on the same landing page for $659.99 at the moment.*