AKG K712 Professional Headphones for $260!

AKG 712 Pro Headphones*Update 2.27 – These are in stock and the price has dropped to $259.00 with free shipping.*

I’ve always loved music, and always hated those times when I can’t hear it properly. Though I have put together a great surround system, for me there’s absolutely nothing better than putting on my favorite “cans” and zoning out. Inside the best among them, exists something like an oasis. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculously poetic, but for me the experience of listening through a great pair of headphones is unmatched anywhere, because all outside distractions are eliminated (assuming you want them to be) and you can focus on nothing but the music.

The details you hear from the AKG K712 Professional Headphones is truly exceptional. I borrowed these from a friend and I have to say that I like them more than my Q 701 model (in fairness mine cost about $100 less than this model at the time).

AKG is well known for bringing out the smallest details of a recording, whether analog or digital. But it truly shines when the latter is your source. The precision and spaciousness is exceptional, and even the lower end comes in powerfully and without that “boomy” bass you get form cheap headphones.

This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for the exceptional AKG K712 Professional Headphones and in my opinion, a steal whether you plan to use them in a studio or your den.

Grab yours at eBay via seller dwi international for just $260.00 with free shipping while you can. That’s at least $55 better than we see anywhere else for these beauties.

A few specs:

  • Made by hand in Vienna, Austria.
  • The design is made for long listening sessions, with a soft leather headband and a lightweight build.
  • They use a flat wire coil made specifically for AKG.
  • Connect via mini XLR if you ever need to replace the cable.
  • A diaphragm with 2 layers gives excellent high end response.
  • An extra coiled cable is included, as is a carrying bag.