A Pair of Great Prices on Sennheiser Gaming Headsets!

Sennheiser Gaming Headset

*Update 11/19 – Both models are still available in either color!*

If you’re serious about gaming, and more importantly in this case, the sound of your games, then consider picking up a headset from Sennheiser. They’re among the best in the business (that’s true of all of their headphones, of course) at making high-quality, great sounding, critically acclaimed gaming headsets in the business.

Until 12/1, Amazon has marked down prices on two of their best models. Both of these sell for well over $200 at most other retailers and excellent choices for those who want audiophile level sound from their PC Games. Both come with a two year warranty so you’re satisfaction is ensured.

Sennheiser GAME ONE PC Gaming Headset in Black or White – $149.99

– 4.5 stars on average after more than 190 reviews.

– A comfortable design with an open back makes them great for long wear. They’re also light so you can keep your focus on your play.

– Chatting or playing sound great, thanks to a pro level microphone with noise-cancelling that kicks in the moment you raise the boom arm.

Sennheiser GAME ZERO PC Gaming Headset in Black or White – $165.99

– The ear pads are incredibly comfortable thanks to two layers of memory foam and cups that seal around your ears.

– These fold so you can store them or take them with you easily.

– Super clarity thanks to their 50 ohm transducer technology.

– Uses the same muting technology as the ONE model.