A Pair of Great Cookware Sets at Hot Prices!

A bit of my experience with Cookware:

I started cooking in earnest in college. Though I had spent my entire childhood being cooked for, I hadn’t done much more than help Mom with the small tasks of cooking. But heading far from home for school really changed that. Naples, Italy to Munich, Germany is a long distance, and phone calls would cost me a fortune. But I was desperate for home cooked Italian food. Suddenly, I was calling my mother for recipes.

The biggest problem I had with cooking far away from home is that I had, out of necessity, purchased some very cheap cookware. The ingredients were readily available, but cooking with what I owned was a bit of an adventure.

Food stuck to the pans, which then scratched when I tried removed the now adhesive-bound cheese or onions or whatever I tried to cook. I adapted, but I knew I was worked with a pretty inferior set of cooking tools. And the food suffered. You certainly couldn’t put the pans I owned in the oven. In fact I never even considered searing meat or browning onions at anything higher than medium temperature on the stove.

The limitations of the cookware I was using meant the possibility of burning, or steaming instead of frying, or just not getting much flavor in a dish as I knew I could potentially achieve. A few of my post looked like those my mother kept in her pantry and never used, a mish-mash of the old roasting pans of long ago that were so thin you could quite easily burn yourself seriously when you took it out of the oven, and stainless steel pans that were almost impossible to use without having everything burn and/or stick to it’s surface.

Eventually, I embarked on a decent career and made a decent living. And the first thing I bought? A good set of cookware. The difference was remarkable. I became a better cook (though not quite great!) the moment I started using better equipment. When a recipe called for browning, a pan heated up much more evenly with much less sticking, and my pots boiled quickly and after years of use never buckled like the old hand me downs and very budget cookware I was using in my younger years.

And we now live in a time when, thanks in large part to better technology used by manufacturers, cooking is not only less hampered by poor equipment, but can actually be enjoyed the way it should be.

And a great set doesn’t have to cost a fortune! We find great deals on them daily. But these two excellent, well-reviewed sets are at the kind of all time low prices that we expect to see only this time of year.


For the entire month of November, Amazon has offered hot deals for your kitchen. We’ve seen all time low price points on dozens of small appliances like coffeemakers, blenders and more, along with some pretty high-end cookware sets. Even by that high standard, these two deals really grabbed our attention. Both receive great reviews and are at the lowest prices we’ve ever seen.

As always this time of year, ANY deal can expire quickly.

T-fal C836SD Stainless Steel Ultimate Copper-Bottom Heavy Gauge Multi-Layer Base 13-Piece Cookware Set for just $100.00!

  • The bases of each pot and pan feature multiple layers of steel.
  • The copper base means fast heating, and heat that’s distributed consistently around the pot or pan.
  • The handles are riveted for durability and designed to be comfortable in your hand.
  • See your food at all times thanks to the glass lids with vented hole.

Lagostina Q555SD Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Axia Oven Safe 13-Piece Cookware Set for just $125.00!

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Safe for metal utensils.
  • Construction is 18/10 stainless steel.
  • Handles are made of stainless steel that stays cool for safe and easy handling.
  • The core of each pot and pan is made of heat radiating aluminum so that heat is always properly distributed.


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