7 Great Sellers you Should Check Out this Black Friday!

There’s nothing wrong with heading straight to Best Buy or Toys R Us this holiday season. But in case you didn’t know it, there are now so many other possibilities that we thought we’d cue you in on some you’ve never heard of. Not just because we love choice, but also because we know a number of sites that in our opinion just don’t get enough attention.

We suggest a look at these sellers, because they’re well known as customer friendly, but mostly because we know how important it is to save when you’re looking for gifts. Here’s our take…


What they Sell: Apparel. Lots of it. Their weekly deals, especially on great brands like Nike, Rockport, Nine West, UGG, Crocs and hundreds more are among the best we see on a regular basis. Shipping is free on orders over $50, or when you purchase and 2 items or more, though they occasionally offer sitewide free shipping.

Why You Should Shop There: Having made a number of purchases there, I can say with confidence that you get your order quickly, and it’s always the original brand in it’s own packaging. But the often very hot prices are the real story.

What they Sell: Watches.

Why You Should Shop There: Simply put, they very often have the best price on timepieces from $20 up to many thousands of dollars. Whether it’s a Casio or a Rolex, their discounts are extremely aggressive. It’s the first place we check when we’re looking for a watch deal, and they often beat every other seller we know of. They’re also known for excellent customer service.

What they Sell: Outdoor apparel along with gear like skis, hydration packs and more.

Why You Should Shop There: Each time we’ve done our Live Black Friday Chat with our local newspaper, we’ve received dozens of requests to find low prices on Coats and Jackets for the winter weather. This is a great place to find them. When November arrives, we expect great prices on everything from snowshoes to, yes, jackets. We expect that brands like Patagonia, Marmot, The North Face and more will be at excellent lows.


What they Sell: Popular small electronics from brands like Sony, LG and many more. Their prices on HDTVs can be world beaters. We’ve even found great deals on things like coffeemakers there.

Why You Should Shop There: They’ve beaten every other seller we know (yes, even Amazon) on many occasions with their great discounts all year long. In November and December, we check there before we post a deal from anywhere else. We especially like that they charge sales tax only on orders placed from New Jersey. That’s significant especially when ordering a TV or other expensive item. Their shipping has been fast every time I’ve ordered from them.

What they Sell: Yes, you’ve heard of them. But judging by the number of surprised looks we get when we tell folks that it’s a great place to shop for BRAND NEW merchandise without bidding, it still seems to us that many still aren’t aware that Best Buy, Toys R Us, and many other large retailers sell their wares at eBay (often at lower prices than at their own sites). Add to that the large number of brands who sell their merchandise directly like Adidas, Worx, Hasbro, Poulan, Michael Kors, and hundreds more mean low, often very low, prices.

Why You Should Shop There: Shipping is almost always free on retail items. But it’s the prices created by so much competition that makes it worth doing your shopping at eBay. Depending on where the seller is located, you could avoid paying sales tax at checkout as well.

What they Sell: A wide assortment of electronics and home goods. If you got, or are getting a TV for Christmas, this is a great place to pick up a wall mount. Or if you need batteries for that new toy. You get the picture.

Why You Should Shop There: Price. They do better than the vast majority of places we know of in giving you great prices on those items you may not have thought about when you got that great gift.


What they Sell: Apparel, electronics, accessories and even cookware. Some of their merchandise is generic, but you’ll also occasionally find discounted perfumes from Dolce & Gabbana, Green Mountain Coffee Pods on sale, and great price on Muk Luks boots. All of it at low prices compared to bigger sellers.

Why You Should Shop There: I found them I clicked on an advertisement on another site. I’m glad I did. I’ve bought ten packs of underwear, toys, and even a screwdriver from them. Though their shipping isn’t as fast as some, the prices are worth waiting for delivery.