6 Pack of Funko Minions Movie Mystery Boxes $29.99 Shipped!

Let’s face it, for kids, opening presents is the real joy. Yes, they want to find something they really like, but watching them box after box of surprises makes the whole process of getting gifts truly a blast when you’re a child. This one covers the two main things you want your kid to have when it’s time to open gifts.

First of all, we don’t have to tell you how popular Minions are. Their third feature film has catapulted our little friends into the superstar stratosphere (we’re betting that their autographs will one day be worth a fortune!) and every kid seems to be asking for something Minions related.

With this great gift idea, you get six boxes to open, each with a different surprise, from one of the most popular collectable brands in existence.

Woot is offering this 6 Pack of Funko Minions Movie Mystery Boxes for just $24.99. You’ll pay $5 for shipping and your average PM (per Minion) cost will end up being just $5. It’s valid today, 7/31 or until they sell out. Which one you get is random, so you get to watch a child’s face light up as he discovers his new Stuart, Kevin, or Bob in movie themed character peering up at him or her when the box is opened.

Grab one while they have them at this excellent price!