5 Reasons to Shop Amazon’s 2017 Prime Day Sale!

This year’s Amazon Prime Day Sale will last for 30 hours. It all kicks off on July 10th at 9PM Eastern Time, and they’ll keep throwing deals at us all through July 11th.

We’ve heard a great deal from the Negative Nellies and Pessimistic Petes of the world about Amazon’s Prime Day Sales of the past. With so much publicity surround it, we’re not surprised. And as much as we love a good debate (and we’re even more fond of a good argument), we continue to remind our shoppers that nobody does a “sale” like Amazon.

With this year’s version fast approaching, we thought we’d answer some of the criticism we’ve heard over since last year’s big shopping event. Here are a few of our thoughts on the subject…


What we’ve heard:  “There weren’t “enough” great deals.”

Our View: Some folks were inclined to take the entire sale as a single, massive piece, criticizing the fact that it just wasn’t “hot” enough. We saw it differently. We found so many excellent deals that we worked from 4 AM until almost midnight, finding and posting them individually and in groups, until we were exhausted. We found big discounts even on potato chips, sundresses for toddlers, and tools you (and we) didn’t even know existed. Seriously, the variety is unmatched anywhere except on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


What we’ve heard: “There was nothing for people who didn’t already have an Amazon Prime Membership.”

Our View: It’s called “Prime Day” for good reason. Amazon wants you to sign up for their annual benefits package that gets you plenty of great discounts throughout the year. Is it worth it? We think so. In our opinion, there’s plenty of value in doing a one year sign up. We watch enough movies and TV shows with Prime to justify the cost, and getting almost everything shipped for free, including a $3 light bulb, makes it easy to pay up the money.

But one of the things that not enough folks don’t seem to know is that you don’t need a paid annual membership to shop this great sale. They offer free trials ranging from 30 days to 6 months, and trying it out gives you access to every Prime benefit for a limited time, including the hot prices you’ll see during their big annual sale.


What we’ve heard: “Other sellers had better deals that day.”

Our View: We can’t help but use this word, but that’s just poppycock. “Hundreds of thousands of deals”, that’s what we’ve seen on the past 2 Prime Days at Amazon. While others, especially Walmart and Best Buy, price matched individual items throughout the day (and we encourage you to check them too) no one came within a country mile of the sheer volume of deals we’ve seem each previous time Amazon has run this big event.


What We’ve Heard: “The deals were gone before I could get them.”

Our View: We feel your frustration on this one. A sizable percentage of the best Prime Day deals have shown up in their Lightning Deals. These are limited time (on this day, they’re QUITE limited) deals that drop precipitously in price, and then disappear when 100% percent of the alotted quantity has sold. While they’re certainly worth watching, these are not the only deals available on that day.

All over the site, we found significant discounts, and plenty of what we call “Lowest we’ve seen” prices, in every department. That means you’ll have time to snag deals without staying glued to a specific page on their site.


What we Heard: “What I was looking for never went on sale.”

Our View: Of course, this is the game of chance that comes with internet shopping. But it’s also true of brick and mortar stores. If you’re looking for the Sony XBR65X750D 65″ 4K TV, for example, there is no guarantee that you’ll find it at a hot price on ANY day. But then, you could find that there are many more models, often better reviewed HDTVs, at exceptional prices at some point that day. I’ve changed my mind many times when I compared prices, specs and reviews on the with the item I thought I was sure I wanted.

Amazon’s biggest upside, at least in our view, is the enormous variety of items you’ll find there, which means that unlike a store, you’re very likely to find a similar item (perhaps one you’ll like even more) at a fantastic price at some point during Prime Day. With their wide expanse of merchandise, we’re betting you’ll see something you like in this massive sale.

  • A few Tips from our Staff:

The “Pre Prime Day Deals” (true story) have already begun. They’re sending them to us via e-mail and we’re posting them daily on our sister site. Some are pretty enticing and in our opinion worth a look.

Check their Lighting Deals section. They’ll often have a preview of upcoming deals. If your hot deals is there, bookmark that page. When the deal goes live, immediately add it to your cart. Done.

Get comfy and have fun with it.


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