$400 Visa Gift Card with Verizon FIOS Triple Play – $79.99 for Internet, TV and Phone!

When we recently moved into our new home (just 14 days ago!) my wife asked “who should we get for internet?” Silly question, to be honest. She knows that I have never been as satisfied with (and complained much less about) my ISP than I have since installing Verizon FIOS service at our previous home about five years ago.

Prior to that, I had suffered through years of our local cable provider (whom I will not mention by name because I’m a nice guy) who offered “the fastest speeds” (when it could keep a connection for more than 30 minutes) and “excellent customer service (at least as good as your local DMV, in fact.) Sarcasm aside, that particular provider brought me less than stellar connections, not so reliable hardware, and even worse customer service.

No, Verizon FIOS isn’t perfect. I’ve lost my connection once or twice, and had an incident in which my network ready home theater receiver was having trouble pairing with their modem/router (Of course, I should have asked the technician to do it while he was installing my service). A live chat with one of their reps walked me through the handshaking issue, and the lost connections were retrieved before I had a chance to call them.

As I already mentioned, we were going to go with Verizon for our internet service, but our initial thought was to use their service for that particular need only. No TV, no home telephone service, just access to the web and a wireless network all through the house.

But of course, while fishing through my work e-mail (thanks, BFC!) I was reminded of some of the fantastic deals on FIOS internet service offered by Verizon lately. And so I pulled the trigger. Happily, they’ve recently offered an almost identical deal once again.

I recommend Verizon FIOS because even their 25/25 speed is plenty fast enough for just about everything most of us do, and because they answer the phone and actually try to solve your problem. Believe or not, that’s not as common as you might expect.

Here’s the Deal:

Beginning on 8/16 and lasting through the end of August, take advantage of Verizon’s Triple Play offer and you’ll receive a whopping $400 Visa Gift Card (that’s $50 more than the offer we got just two weeks ago) for FREE as a huge thank you for signing up. You’ll receive Internet Service, Phone Service, and a FIOS Custom TV package for just $79.99 per month with a price guaranteed for two whole years. What kind of service do you get? Here you go…

*We signed up for our package in early August, and the customer service rep told us we’ll receive our free gift card in early November. Just so you know the timetable involved…*


25/25 Mbps FiOS Internet.


Includes unlimited calling in the US, Puerto Rico and Canada.


FiOS Custom TV with two channel packs to choose from plus one year of SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, EPIX and HBO.

*Getting the Triple Play offer requires new TV and Phone service from Verizon. The activation fee is waived for this promotion.*