$30 off $200 Packaging & Storing Supplies at Amazon!

Moving and Storage Promotion

Years ago, I managed a building for a medium-sized corporation. At one point it came time to change locations, and so I was tasked with getting everything from one building to another, the end location being about 4 miles away. I instructed my staff to purchase what we needed to make the move, including masking tape, boxes, industrial strength plastic wrap to cover the electronics in the event that it rained during the move, and all sorts of other storage and moving supplies. Oh, and we were going to need a cart too. The last thing I said to them before they headed out to shop for the necessary materials? “Make sure the tape is from 3M.”

If you own a business, you know that not all products in this category are made equally. And you probably also know that when you’re in a crunch, the last thing you need is tape that tears too easily, boxes that fall through when something valuable is in them, or shoddy materials of any kind.

That’s why I recommend this deal. Until 11/1, Amazon is offering a great deal sponsored by the folks at 3M:

Add at least $200 worth of storing and packaging supplies to your cart from this promotion page, and they’ll knock $30 off the price automatically during the checkout process. That makes for a great discount on what are some of the the highest quality products you can find.
Here are just a few samples of many, many eligible for this excellent promotion from 3M. Prices below are BEFORE your extra discount is taken:

  • Scotch Recycled Corrugate Box Sealing Tape $5.02
  • 8 piece Quick Fist Clamp Mounting Kit $26.94
  • Scotch Bi-Directional Filament Tape $21.77
  • Instapak Quick IQHRT00-80 #80 Bag $176.91
  • Pratt Perforated Dish Foam Roll $14.10
  • Pratt Non-Abrasive/Reusable Perforated Foam Roll $28.74
  • Sandusky Lee FWP4824 Heavy Duty Steel Flat Wagon $103.20