2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV for $99.99! (Pre-Order Deal!)

Amazon Fire TV

*It’s one of the items we expect to be prominently featured around Black Friday, but of course we can’t predict what kind of prices we’ll see then. If you want one now, take advantage of the great pre-order price!*

It’s fun, isn’t it? I’m referring to waiting on the next iteration of a device to see what’s new. Seriously, we think it’s always exciting to see what a next generation version of a product can do, and since we absolutely love to stream our entertainment, this one is right up our alley. So what’s new about the Amazon Fire TV? Plenty.

Amazon has their shiny new 2nd generation Fire TV for just $99.99 with free shipping!

Alexa inside. Yup, you can talk to your Amazon Fire TV and ask for your favorite show, or music, or check the weather, or the sports scores…Awesome!

Let’s start with 4K support. Yes, the new Fire TV offers Ultra HD in all it’s incredibly pixel rich glory.

It doesn’t just play Amazon content. You’ll get access to your favorite streaming services with it, including Netflix, Hulu and more. If you really want to break away from your cable, you can also use it to watch HBO GO, AMC, Sling TV, ESPN and much, much more.

It gives you games, lots of games. But not just the cheap ones few people want to play. You’ll find Minecraft, Pac-Man 256 and even Lego Star Wars on the new Fire!

Inside the device are a faster, stronger processor for smoother streaming, an engine providing dedicated graphics for more beautiful viewing, 2GB of memory, 8GB of storage on it (you can expand up to 128GB), and

The release date for the new Amazon Fire TV is 10/5. What the price will be then, we don’t know. Grab one while you’re sure it’s available at a great price!