2015 Model Google Chromecast for $35!

Google Chromecast 2015 ModelYes, you’ll see this price at other sites, but since it’s the latest version at the same price as the older model, we like it! Oh, and it’s really cool device too. In fact, it’s hard to imagine more bang for your buck and therefore more value to be had in the world of streaming than the way cool Chromecast from Google.

With free shipping included, Best Buy at Ebay features the 2015 Model Google Chromecast for $35.00.

The new Chromecast works with practically every device that has a screen, included Android machines and most Apple IOS devices, and also chromebooks and laptops that use Windows. It’s easy to use and pops into your HDMI input to hop on your WiFi network at home. Of course, you get access to a whole new world (cue the music) of music, movies, and a heckuva lot more. Your phone can be used not as a flotation device, but as a remote control for the Chromecast, allowing you to search for stuff you want to watch or listen to, play what you want, and pause it whenver you like.

What’s new and different about the 2015 model? The shape for starters. But more important are the the wireless connection, which now boasts 802.11ac speed thanks to antennas inside. An HDMI cable is built in so you won’t block the other ports on your TV. New apps are also said to be on the way.