20 Pair of Moisture Wicking Socks from Head for $22.99!

Head Socks 2

When my feet sweat (or any part of my body to be honest) it’s hard to concentrate. I’m a pretty regular tennis player and I can tell you that there’s nothing more annoying or distracting (not to mention the issues with your skin you can have) than sweaty feet when you’re trying to concentrate on crushing your opponent on the court.

Hey guys, need some socks? How about 20 good pair of Head Moisture Wicking socks for just over a buck a pair each? That’s the kind of deal you’ll find at Tanga, where right now they’re offering this big multipack for an absurd price.

Get 20 Pair of Moisture Wicking Socks from Head for just $22.99 with free shipping. We pulled out our calculators so we could let you know that you’re paying just $1.15 each. Awesome price, no?

Note, you do not actually wear these on your head. These Head socks are made for your feet. Just trying to help you avoid embarrassment.

You get 20 pair that are a combination of spandex, cotton and polyester and use their Swift Dry Knit feature to keep water and such off of your feet.