1TB Xbox One FIFA 16 Bundle for $359.99!

Xbox One FIFASo who’s your favorite player? Lionel Messi? Cristiano Ronaldo? Or maybe Christian Bale? We can’t forget Neymar and Ibra either, can we? Personally, I’m a big fan of Francesco Totti, but that’s hard to explain to my 13 year old son who thinks Thomas Muller is “the man.”

Anyway, FIFA has become an institution like Madden, with millions of fans around the world. In any corner of the world, you’ll find someone playing the latest version of it, in this case FIFA 16. The game is selling like hot cakes, and this case you’re getting a bundle that will allow you to send a Messi through ball to Iniesta to your heart’s delight.

In limited stock, Antonline (at Ebay) is offering the 1TB Xbox One FIFA 16 Bundle for just $359.99 with free shipping. That’s just $10 more than the console itself has been found at it’s lowest ever price. It’s a fantastic price you’ll see during the checkout process as long as it’s available. So basically, you’re getting a $60 game for almost nothing along with your mega storage size, improved upon Xbox One!

The bundle comes with the new 1TB version of Microsoft’s Xbox One, the download version of FIFA 16, a year of access to EA, and if you know anything about their Ultimate Team Legends you can get on loan, they’re throwing in three of those as well!

While it lasts…