Boardshorts $9 or less at

The days of calling your shorts “swim shorts” or “swimming trunks” are over. Apparently, quite awhile ago I have been told. So today, I am supposed to call these “Boardshorts” as others are calling them. I don’t know, that kind of feels a little weird. Does the word “Board” mean I’m supposed to have a surf […]

Garage Storage Sale!

Another great deal that’s valid for one day, 5/29 only! It features some great garage storage including a few from our favorite maker, Gladiator. Shipping is free and the prices have been dropped significantly. We’re showing you the original prices below, along with their today prices for these items so you can see how much […]

Rubbermaid Commercial on Sale!

Their products are very durable, and their commercial products are even more so. You could play soccer with their trash cans, roll their hampers cross-country, vacuum sheet metal from a steelyard, and otherwise totally mistreat them. They’ll bounce right back. For one day only (5/29), Amazon is offering significant markdowns on five of their great […]